In Memory

Ronald Eldred "Ronnie" Lewis

Born Oct. 19, 1945, Starr, TX; died Aug. 4, 2003, Tyler, age 57

Survived by a brother, Ricky Mason Lewis, and his son, Shane Michael Lewis. - Janet Lewis Majors


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Mark Davis

Ronnie Lewis was one of my very closest buddies through Jr. High (JR Moore) and JTHS. He was loyal, trusting, a good trumpet player, shy, adventurous and almost always smiling. He was one of those special friends you could be away from for years, but when you got together again, could pick up where you left off.

Ronnie had great parents - - rather quiet and gentle. They were kind and warm, and I always felt sincerely accepted when I walked in their home. I was honored to attend some of their family functions.

Although I was not a great fan of JF Kennedy, Ronnie and I had long frustrated talks about the tragedy of his assasination. I remember driving to Ronnie's house after church on Sunday, November 24, 1963 and watching the TV reports about Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald. We were unfortunate to be in that peculiar stage between the innocence of childhood and the seriousness of adulthood during those trying times.

Several years after JT, I heard Ronnie was working at TJC, but sadly, I lost track of him. Oh what I would give to be able to sit and reminisce with him for just an hour. I miss you, buddy.

Footnote: Ronnie was the only guy I have ever known who could whistle while holding a pencil in his lips! Our sophomore year, we were in Mrs. Nichols' English class. (It seemed like 95% of us in that class were less than model students at one time or another.) One day while everyone was supposed to be working on an assignment, Ronnie started his very faint "dropping bomb" whistle, and Mrs. Nichols began scooting up and down the isles like a hyper Chihuahua puppy trying to track down the source. Ronnie, looking innocent, and with a pencil held in his lips, used perfect timing to stop the whistle when Mrs. Nichols got close. He was never found out. (But for the grace of God, there would be a special hot place in Hell for those of us who were in that class.)

Mark Davis

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