In Memory

Daisette "Daisy" Hey (McKelvie)

Born March 12, 1946; died Oct. 1985, age 39

JTHS activities: Cheerleader, "School Friendliest" - 1964, Girls Forum Club, National Honor Society, Senior Class Play, FHA, Blue Brigade

Sister of Rose Ella Hey Wallace (1947- ), class of JTHS 1965

Married, age 27, Kenneth H. McKelvie, 29, on June 16, 1973, Dallas County, TX.

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06/13/09 04:11 PM #1    

Delbert Kenneth "Ken" Thompson

Daisy had such a bubbly personality and so much talent as a performer, I felt sure she would end up starring on Broadway. Robert E. Lee had Sandy Duncan, and John Tyler had Daisy Hey!

06/29/09 07:02 PM #2    

Delbert Kenneth "Ken" Thompson

The following is excerpted from a lovely letter that Ken McKelvie wrote to me about his late wife, Daisy:

"Daisy was extraordinary, and [she] touched so many lives that her passing was truly a tragedy for many... most of all to our daughter, who never got to feel and be touched by her [mother's] love. Daisy passed on when her daughter Kate was 10 months old.

"[Daisy]... resigned from teaching at Boston University Theater School due to the fact she was to be a mother. Many of her [former] theater students have gone [on] to great success, including Jason Alexander and Rosie O'Donnell, who attributes her start in New York to Daisy's encouragement.

"Most of [Daisy's] success was due to her ability to just love. When she passed, my brother said he had lost his best friend. [Daisy] knew how to make people recognize in themselves their own special goodness.

"Knowing others still appreciate [Daisy]... helps me. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of her: what she was, what we lost, and how grateful we should be for such a person having spent so [much] good time with us...

"I originally was a photographer and got a master's from BU in Educational Technology. Just before Daisy's passing, [we moved] to Carmel, California, [where] we bought a cottage which [I] gutted and remodeled when widowed with an infant. I went on to do another graduate degree in Interior Architecture, with a specialty in lighting. I now teach, lecture, and practice high end lighting design. Part of my interest in lighting came about from going to rehearsals with Daisy and seeing how... lighting influenced theatrical performances.

"My second wife, [Margy], coincidentally knew Daisy and went to college with her. Daisy's family adopted Margy as one of the family when we were married. So Daisy's love still embraces and influences us all. [Daisy's] daughter [Kate] is a natural beauty and has been pursued by modeling agencies, but chooses not to follow that path. She is... [in] graduate school [working on an advanced degree] in elementary education. We know she will have the same infuence for good on others as her mom [did]."

Ken McKelvie
June 18, 2009

07/01/09 10:25 PM #3    

Rivkah (Rebecca Lynne "Becky") Baber (Cohen)

I know what her husband means about missing Daisy everyday. I drive by the Hey "home place" almost everyday. I still look for the house, and when I forget, I even look to see if anyone is there. I remember sitting in the three girls' bedroom with Mrs. Hey and laughing so hard we were crying and couldn't remember why we were laughing. I remember crossing the railroad track on our way home from senior play practice and slowing down in our old Ford Falcon because my dad thought that was the best way to cross a railroad track...(not in the Falcon) and hoping the shadows didn't get us. I remember the day Daisy found out she was to be cheerleader. She did that great Broadway thing of running up on a park bench and clapping her feet together in the air as she jumped off.
Daisy had a way of making you feel that whatever you were feeling or doing or saying was good because she knew we all were good inside. For a teenaager that was a rare gift. I'm glad we had her. Rivkah Cohen (Becky Baber)

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